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One of the key strengths of the automated invoice processing operation is the tight integration between their finance system and IMS. This is based on a transfer of Shared Reference Data that happens nightly that ensures each system contains the most up to date information e.g. PO numbers, GL codes and new vendors. The outcome of automation _ The new invoice processing solution has considerably automated the AP department, this is resulting in an increase in control over the process. At the end of each month, the ERP system produces an AP Log report that lists all the invoices that are with the business users. It is expected that the slicker and faster process will lead to a considerable reduction in the number of items on this log.

How the AP department has been automated _ Paper invoices entering the AP department are now scanned into the IMS (Invoice Management Solution) system. Using Automated Data Capture technologies, the header information, such as invoice total, supplier name, etc, is automatically read from the invoice. The integration between IMS and the ERP then enables this data to be populated directly to register the invoice in the financial system, with minimal manual data entry required. If IMS does not recognise the vendor, workflow automatically sends this as a query to the business user, who can then select whether this is a new vendor to be set up in the ERP or is just a one_off vendor. The integration between IMS and the ERP triggers the creation of the appropriate vendor. This ensures that delays are not created with unknown vendors and speeds up the process of adding new vendors to the finance system. Automatic pre matching: Invoices that are associated with a Purchase Order (PO) are now matched in the ERP within a tolerance. Any invoices that fail to successfully match the PO are automatically routed to the procurer using workflow, for resolution using IMS.

Numbers and Numbers and Records and Books _ must be trackable Referring to "invoice #9048," rather than "That invoice I sent you last month, I think on a Tuesday," is much easier to track for both you and your client. Assign numbers to your invoices systematically, consistently and chronologically. Some people number their invoices by year (for example, 2009043 would be the 43rd invoice of 2009). You could also specify a code for the project. For example, ABC06 would be the 6th invoice for the ABC project that you're currently working on. Having an invoice and project numbering system keeps everything in line.

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005 Dj Invoice Template

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