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Electronic invoices contain all of the information required in a traditional, paper invoice in an encrypted format, including data on the sender and recipient, such as their name and Tax ID number, the date of the invoice, the sender's legal address, the amount of the invoice and the percentage and amount of VAT, among other information. Furthermore, the document includes an electronic signature, which is generated using a digital certificate that has been provided to the sender of the invoice by a Tax Agency_approved certificate company. This combination of factors provides a Electronic Invoice with sufficient reliability so as to indisputably guarantee its integrity and the authenticity of its origin.

The decision was made to automate the invoice processing; to streamline the department and ultimately to be benchmarked as an exemplary AP process. The search began to find a solution that could meet their needs: integrate tightly with their ERP solution, be sufficiently flexible to mirror their processes and be easy for the AP team to use. "We chose to go with our final supplier because we felt they took the time to really investigate our process, work with us to design the most efficient system and were able to prove the seamless integration with our ERP system and had a very effective workflow solution."

Non_PO related invoices need to be coded and approved by the original procurer. Previously this was an entirely manual process, with each invoice being posted via the internal mail from AP to the individual who codes the invoice, then returned to AP, then sent out to the procurer of the goods to authorise This process was not only time consuming but fraught with errors and the risk of invoices getting lost. IMS now routes each invoice to be coded and authorised by the correct individual. Some invoices are automatically sent by IMS and others are routed by the AP clerk If the system is not entirely confident of this selection, the AP user will initiate the distribution of the invoice to the procurer for authorisation. If they do not have the correct sign_off limit, IMS determines the appropriate individual to forward it to until final approval is achieved. Once the data has been captured from an invoice, it has been successfully matched to a PO or it has been approved by the business, it is posted automatically to the finance system for payment.

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004 Invoice Template Device Mobile Free Striking Generator Best Software Maker App 320

004 Invoice Template Device Mobile Free

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